It began in 1989 with a small imported pasta machine, a wooden rolling pin and a deep passion for pasta.  Since then Nuovo Pasta Productions, Ltd. has received numerous culinary awards and gained international distinction for its line of specialty pasta. Today our products are made in a state-of-the-art facility where we combine contemporary flavors and ingredients with classic Italian pasta designs. Our hand craftsmanship and custom made Italian equipment replicate the age-old tradition of producing smooth, firm pasta, filled with chunky textured, rich flavored fillings.

The pasta is made under the watchful eye of culinary trained experts, insuring the perfect harmony of flavor, aroma and texture in every batch. We are proud to share the Italian culinary philosophy; which advises us to slow down our hectic lives and enjoy thoughtfully and masterfully produced food in tranquil surroundings with like minded people.

For those who share our passion for pasta we invite you to mangia bene and taste the excellence.