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Nuovo Sustainability Initiative

Nuovo’s vision, along with our packaging suppliers, is to have a future with increased use of recycled content in our products, higher recyclability, and the lowest environmental and social impacts.

Starting in 2022 Nuovo’s plastic trays have been crafted from up to 80% post consumer recycled content.

By making this switch Nuovo will decrease its virgin resin usage by 725,400 lbs. annually.

The change to 80% recycled content will result in the reclaiming of more than 24,000,000 water bottles. They will be put into use in Nuovo packages that still maintain full barrier/shelf-life targets in a FDA compliant packaging film. The package will have excellent clarity with the recycled content captured within the layers of coextrusion.

Innovation builds a solid ground for our economic sustainability and financial performance. Nuovo is constantly on the search for innovation with materials and industrial technology to deliver packaging solutions that focus on a circular economy.

Nuovo and our supplier’s goals are to assess, manage, and reduce the impact of our products along their life cycle. Treat bioregions and ecosystems with the highest respect, doing our best to leave only a positive trace. Neutralize the impact of our environmental footprint and be a company fueled by clean, renewable energy.