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The Nuovo way a Tradition of Innovation. 

NUOVO is a fresh pasta innovation company making fresh pasta the old fashioned
way since 1989. While our products spring from the artisanal culinary tradition of Italy,
we bring classic designs to fresh contemporary flavors, with the aid of skillfully trained
experts that oversee the process every step of the way.

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Where can I purchase Nuovo Pasta?

You can find Nuovo Pasta in selected retailers across the US, some of which include:

- Adam’s Fairacre Farms
- Associated Supermarkets
- Balducci's
- Barons
- BJ's Wholesale Club
- Calareso’s Farmstand
- Caraluzzi’s
- Compare Foods
- CTown Supermarkets
- Dave’s Marketplace
- Eddie’s Market
- Fairway Markets
- Foods of All Nations
- Fruit Center
- Geissler’s Supermarkets
- Guido’s Fresh Marketplace
- Harmons
- Harris Teeter
- Jimbo's
- Key Foods
- Kincaid’s Market
- King’s Supermarkets
- Kowalski’s
- Lucky’s Market
- Mariano’s
- Met Foodmarkets
- Milam’s Market
- Niemann’s
- Norman Brothers
- Pioneer Supermarkets
- Publix
- Roche Bros
- Star Markets
- Sudbury Farms
- Town and Country
- Whole Foods
- Yes Organic Market

I cannot find Nuovo Pasta Products in my local store out of the ones listed. What can I do?

Sometimes, supplies are sold out and it becomes more difficult to locate a specific product. We recommend searching for us and purchasing online. Our retailers are affiliated with e-commerce service websites that can facilitate your purchases. Just search for the specific product you're looking for, and you'll be able to order it in an instant.

I can't find the expiration date on my pasta packet, how long is it good for?

The expiration date is the indicator of the shelf life of the product. If the expiration date has been exceeded we advise not consuming the product. If you can’t find the expiration date please contact our customer service representative at (203) 380 - 4090 or by email at our customer service. All refrigerated packages should have a readable expiration date.

How do you cook pasta?

Cook in 4 quarts of salted boiling water for 4 minutes or until desired tenderness. (Internal temp. should reach 165°F as measured by food grade thermometer.) Drain, toss with your favorite sauce and serve.

How long do I have to cook Nuovo Pasta pasta for al-dente consistency?

Please follow the provided cooking instructions on the back label of every Nuovo package. All cooking instructions will call for 4 Quarts of salted boiling water and cook times range from 1 – 4 minutes depending on the type of Nuovo refrigerated pasta. For al-dente consistency you may cook slightly less then the time indicated but it is always important to make certain that (internal temp. should reach 165° F as measured by food grade thermometer).

Where can I keep up with the latest in all things Nuovo Pasta?

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